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Subject:CORPUS CHRISTI Port Condition Change - X RAY
Date:Thursday, August 24, 2017

Port of Brownsville is advising that they are currently open, however due to the heavy weather approaching the Port of Brownsville is expecting that they will close this evening, except on a case-by case basis until Saturday 26th August, depending on the storms track.

Port of Corpus Christi -

U.S.C.G. advises the following time line concerning INVEST 09L (HARVEY) port conditions:

X-RAY – 1300 hrs 23 August

YANKEE – 1300 hrs 24 August

ZULU – 1300 hrs 25 August

Please be advised that at 1300 hrs 23 August 2017 the Corpus Christi ship channel closed to inbound traffic due to Tropical Storm "HARVEY"

We are being advised that the Corpus Christi ship channel will close to outbound traffic  at 1400 hrs 24 August

U.S.C.G. has confirmed they will follow this time line issuing Port Conditions:

Condition X-RAY - Began 1300 hrs 23 August

Condition YANKEE - to begin at 1300 hrs 24 August

Condition ZULU - to begin at 1300 hrs 25 August

Please note that a channel survey by the Army Corps of Engineers must be completed prior to channel re-opening.  The line-up for inbound traffic will be decided by the U.S.C.G. with each terminal making the case for priority vessels.

At this time, due to current weather forecast, we are not expecting traffic to be able to resume until 29-31 August 2017.


X-RAY (48 hours prior to arrival of gale force winds) Port Status - Open to all commercial traffic

Individually access REQUEST TO REMAIN IN PORT CHECKLISTS from vessels requesting to remain in port and the facilities they will be moored to, issue COTP Orders as appropriate.

Contact deep-draft vessels at anchor to determine their departure plans.

Inspect wharf and pier areas with waterfront facility representatives during harbor patrols

Spot-check marinas and waterways to determine the status of hurricane preparations.

Depending on storm conditions and predictions the COTP may order vessels to cease cargo operations, and direct vessels to break away and make heavy weather preparations.

Advise port stakeholders of intentions for setting next condition (YANKEE) including degree of vessel control.

YANKEE (24 hours prior to arrival of gale force winds) Port status - Vessel traffic control measures in effect

Determine the need for a Safety Zone controlling vessel movements and activities as appropriate.

Approve or direct as necessary, final mooring arrangements for all commercial vessels remaining in port.

Port will be closed to inbound commercial vessel traffic; the decision to close the port will be made after consultation with Port Authorities, Harbor Masters and Pilots.

The COTP may approve requests for inbound transits if vessels are capable of completing the loading / discharging cycle in less than 12 hours.

All over-size tow permits are rescinded

All offshore lightering is to cease and vessels are to break away and make heavy weather preparations.

ZULU (12 hours prior to arrival of gale force winds) Port Status - Closed to all commercial vessel traffic (including vessel transits within the port). 

Vessels and facilities requesting a vessel movement must request prior approval from the COTP.  The approval will only be granted if the movement can be made safely and a mooring location has been identified, or if the vessel is departing to sea and can reach safe water prior to encountering winds form a hurricane force storm.

Suspend all cargo operations, unless individual approval is received from the COTP.


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Notice posted on Thursday, August 24, 2017

For quality assurance purposes please note well that while the above information is regularly vetted for accuracy it is not intended to replace the local knowledge or expertise pertaining to port conditions of our marine operations personnel. Port précis should always be verified by contacting the corresponding marine department of a particular location for the most up-to-date information.